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Writer/Director: Tom Evans, Art Director: Larae Netten, Illustrator: Jon Cannell, Animator: Jason Metter @ Blue Fruit

The Good Times commercials have been an amazing collaboration between Tom Evans and Larae Netten at Invisible Friend Creative and animator Jason Metter at Blue Fruit. It has been a blast seeing my illustrations come to life in the hands of a very talented animator.

Good Times Pickle Spot_03.jpg
Good Times All Natural School
Goodtimes Overtime Hens Spot_01.jpg
Goodtimes Blackfoot Valley Spot_01.jpg
Good Times Hippy Bovine Spot_02.jpg
Good Times Pawbenders Spot_01.jpg
Goodtimes California Burger Spot_01.jpg
Goodtimes Hatch Valley Spot_01.jpg
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